Why does my ninja blender leak?

What do you know about Ninja Blenders?

Ninja provides its customers with premium high-quality pressure cookers, grills, ovens, air fryers, coffee, and tea makers, and much more! Especially, Ninja blenders and food processors are ultra-modern kitchen appliances that match up to all the kitchen needs worldwide. These blenders are innovative, technically- advanced kitchen appliances that can satisfy all their customers’ needs. They are versatile and modish and comes with several excellent features. Ninja blenders and food processors have a worldwide strong customer base because of the ingenious and advanced attributes attached to them.

Ninja provides its buyers with the option of three wonderful Ninja blenders. The first one is the Ninja UltimaTM that is praised for its unique dual blade technology and is exceptionally high in demand. The second one is called the Total CrushingTM series, which allows its user to perfectly blend frozen items and ice. The third one is the Ninja Master Prep blender series that helps its user to prepare restaurant-quality food at home.

Ninja blenders take extra precautions when it comes to health and hygiene. All the blending parts, including containers, are made of BPA free plastic, hence, making sure that the customers remain protected from any BPA plastic poisons. They are certified and recyclable. These blenders also come with one year warranty and allow the customers flexibility of 60 days return policy.

Troubleshooting and Problems

With many excellent customer reviews, there are some complaints that Ninja users have regarding the blenders. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a question mark regarding the authenticity of the product. Instead, it merely means that the customers sometimes face a minor yet vexing problem that is quite usual to arise when using any human-made electrical appliance. Ninja appliances will always dive into the causes and try to find out perfect solutions to these problems.

The most common troubleshooting that the customers come out with is the problem of leakage in the blenders. Ninja blender, if handled properly, is a life-saving and quick kitchen appliance. But if there is any leakage from the blender, it can surely become a frustrating issue. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with this minor yet vexing leakage issue by first determining the cause of the leak and then finding an effective way of repairing it.

Major Causes of Ninja Blender Leakage

If your Ninja blender is leaking, you must first determine the primary issue causing the leakage. Following are the list of some primary causes that may lead your blender to leak:

  1. Gasket Is Not Clean

Whenever you blend something in your blender, some of the food gets stuck onto your blender’s rubber gasket. If you keep using your blender without cleaning and washing the gasket, then after some time, a thick line of build-ups and clogs will be formed at the rim of your blender and will leak out as gross black stuff under the blender. This clogging of food debris can also affect the work efficiency of your blender blade. Sometimes, over clogging of build-ups around the blender’s shaft causes the blades to lose their efficiency. Thus, if you are not in the habit of cleaning your gasket, then fixing the problem of leakage may also have to replace the blades of your blender with the new ones.

  • Rubber Gasket is Overused

There is a certain age of rubber gaskets of the blenders. If you keep on over-using the gaskets, then at some point, they will stop working, and your blender will start dripping whatever you put inside the container. It is because, after some time, even a gasket of good quality starts losing its elasticity and becomes thin. Thus, a thin, over-used gasket cannot fit correctly in the rim of your blender, causing your blender to leak.

  • Overfilling of the Blender Container

Another common mistake that we all do is the overfilling of the container or cup. Ninja blender comes with a marked line on the container that indicates the level of food the container should hold. If there is stuff in the blender container above the marked line, then the blender is most likely to leak, thereby, causing a slippery mess over your kitchen slap.

  • How to Fix the Issue of Leaking Blender

If you find out that your blender is causing leakage due to one of the causes mentioned above, it is time to learn how to fix them. By following the steps given below, you can easily save yourself from future annoyance.

  • Step: 1 Clean Your Gasket

To free your blender from leaking, you first need to free your gasket from unwanted clogging and build-ups. You can achieve this by washing and cleaning your blender thoroughly with the mixture of dishwashing soap and water. Pour the dishwashing liquid mixture in the container or cup of your blender then turn on the machine on medium to cover a full cycle of cleaning inside the container. If you haven’t cleaned your gasket for a long time, repeat it several times to get a better result. All the unnecessary clogging on the gasket will be dissolved in the dishwashing mixture, leaving your Ninja blender leak proof. You are recommended to wash your blender following the process, as mentioned above, after every subsequent use.

  • Step: 2 Replace Your Old Gasket With the New One

Overusing the rubber gasket is a bad idea. Although the gaskets of Ninja blender are well made, they can stop working efficiently once they are overused. Therefore, you need to replace the old gasket with the new one to save your blender from leaking. You can easily buy new gaskets from Ninja.

  • Step: 3 Don Not Overfill Your Blender Cup

Overfilling of the cup may lead to the leaking of foodstuff from the countertop of the blender. Therefore, make sure to fill the container of your Ninja blender up to the marked indicated line. Also, make sure that you have tightly covered the face of the blender with the lid. Otherwise, spluttering of food while blending may also cause leaking from the top.

Some Miscellaneous Problems

Apart from the causes mentioned earlier and their solutions, sometimes, it may also happen that there is some malfunctioning with your blender’s container. In such a case, you need to replace your container with the new one. Ninja appliances, with their excellent customer service, allowing its customers to purchase new parts for their troubling appliances. Hence, if there is some issue with your blender’s container, you can easily buy a new one from Ninja.

Another common problem is the placement of your rubber gasket. If your gasket is not fixed in the rim correctly or if it is placed loosely, then it is likely that your blender will leak. So it would be best if you made sure that the rubber gasket is fixed in the rim at the right angle.


There is no doubt that with some highly innovative and advanced features and options, there are also some troubleshooting complaints regarding Ninja appliances. Even in that case, Ninja appliances are relatively much more reliable and work efficiently than other commercial brands. Ninja, with its excellent customer service, frequently addresses all the problems of its users and takes adequate steps to overcome them. Its user-friendly attributes are the primary reason for its popularity in the buyers market. Ninja is highly applauded and appreciated for its process of updating and evolving with the need of time. If you are searching for an excellent blender to make your cooking quick and fun, you don’t need to look past Ninja blenders!