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Why does my ninja coffee maker keep leaking water?

From the “clean” light that comes over to the beeping or the grounds in your cup, there are several minor inconveniences that might give you a headache when you try to get a flavorsome coffee from your Ninja Coffee Bar.

Fortunately, these problems can be addressed with a bit of troubleshooting and avoided with any mild defensive “maintenance” on your side, much of which includes maintenance.

If your Ninja brewer has even more significant issues, you must contact the seller and request for a replacement. The primary objective of this post is to come up with ideas with some of the easy and effective solutions offered for our readers.

Let’s have a peek at some of the more prevalent issues with the Ninja Coffee Bar and how to resolve them.

Ninja Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers will always know the worth of a high-quality coffee maker. Coffee making machine has become probably the most common and frequently used appliance. Nowadays, you will find a coffee maker in most homes and offices. It is quick and convenient. Especially, Ninja Coffee maker is the most widely bought coffee maker due to the many advantages this coffee maker is loaded with. This famous coffee maker comes with the option of several cup sizes and brew options and uses the IQ single touch feature technology. It has a detachable water reservoir so that the user can easily unlock the reservoir for its refill and clean it comfortably with no headache. Furthermore, the most highly praised feature of Ninja coffee maker is the versatile choices it offers for an excellent coffee cup, from classic to rich and original flavor and the option of cold or piping hot. All these and many more customer-friendly features of Ninja coffee maker keep evolving with the needs of its users.

Troubleshooting and Problems

With many excellent customer reviews, there are some minor troubleshooting complaints from Ninja coffee maker users. The most common one of them is the leaking of water from the coffee maker.

Ninja coffee maker, if handled properly, will gift its uncountable user shots of coffee regularly. But if there is any water or coffee leakage, it can surely become a frustrating issue to deal with. Therefore, it’s necessary to deal with this minor yet vexing leakage issue by first determining the cause of the leak and then finding an effective way of repairing it.

Things to keep in check when brewing your coffee

If your coffee maker is leaking water, then the most common cause is the water reservoir’s overfilling. Ninja coffee maker comes with a marked line on the water reservoir that indicates the water level the reservoir should hold. If there is water in the reservoir above the marked line, the reservoir is most likely to leak water, thereby causing a slippery mess of water over your kitchen slap. Make sure to fill the water reservoir of your Ninja coffee maker up to the marked indicated line!

Even after keeping the water in your reservoir up to the limit, it can handle, the coffee maker still leaks, then the next thing to check is the placement of the water reservoir. Please make sure you have not accidentally detached it, hence, causing the water to leak through the gap. Keep in mind that it is entirely reasonable for the water to drip a little once you have removed the reservoir from the machine. You only have to worry about your leaking machine water when the water reservoir sill attached to the coffee maker. Sometimes water or coffee also drips because of the continuous splashing and spluttering of the coffee mixture in brewing.

How to Repair a Leaking Coffee Maker

If the leaking of Ninja coffee machine resumes even after checking all the things mentioned above, you start to think of the remedies you can follow to free yourself from the troubleshooting of water leakage. By following the steps given below, you can quickly release yourself from further annoyance.

Step 1: Clean

Sometimes, due to lack of washing and cleaning, several build-ups accumulate around the coffee maker walls, which in result starts to clog. To free your coffee maker from this unwanted clogging, the first step you need to follow is the cleaning and thoroughly washing the coffee maker. You can do this pouring the mixture of white vinegar and water into your coffee reservoir and then turning on the machine on medium so that the combination could cover a full cycle of cleaning inside the reservoir. If you haven’t cleaned your coffee maker for a long time, repeat it several times to get a better result. All the unnecessary clogging in the pump will be dissolved in the vinegar mixture, leaving your Ninja coffee maker leak-proof through this process.

Step 2: Check the Pump of your Coffee maker

You need to detach your pump from the machine and inspect for any clogging or cracks inside the pump valve walls. If there are cracks or clogging in the pump, water will likely leak through the top of the coffee maker since it cannot find any passage for its free flow through the pump. If your pump valve is sealed to the machine, you have to replace the entire pump. To save yourself from future worries of leakage, then you must follow step number 1 of washing and maintenance. Then you will not have to go through the trouble of buying a new one.    

Step 3: Check the elbows of the Tube connectors

Another thing that may cause the leakage is any gap or crack in the joint of the tubes. If there happens to be a crack in the tubes’ elbow, then it is likely that the water or coffee may start to leak from there. You can overcome this problem by replacing the tube as well as the joint or elbow. Once you have returned the whole set of tubes and elbows, the problem of leakage will automatically stop.

Step 4: Check your Brewing Switch

You may also need to check the brewing switch under the base plate of your coffee maker. You need to check whether it’s working correctly or not. You can do this by touching the switch with a tester. If your brewing switch is not working correctly then you need to replace it otherwise it will disturb the flow of water in the reservoir.  


It is indeed true that professional machines require regular cleaning and maintenance once or twice a month. It will ensure that you get a fresh cup of coffee every time.

The premium Ninja coffee maker is the best and popular coffee machine out there in the commercial market. Its user-friendly features are the sole reason for its popularity. It frequently addresses all its customers’ problems regarding the machine and takes immediate steps to overcome them. If you are facing water leakage issues, then by following the steps mentioned above, you can quickly free yourself from future headaches and enjoy your excellent coffee cup with every time the sun rises!

We hope you get your answers from the article mentioned above, and it assists you solve all the issues you are facing with your ninja coffee maker.