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Why is my ninja coffee maker beeping five times, and what can I do?

If you’re attempting to fix a coffee cup with your Ninja Coffee Bar but still experiencing problems, there are some simple ways to solve typical problems. To repair a system that keeps shutting off mid-brew, confirm to make sure you have selected the right brew scale. When the system is beeping, it could indicate that the drip stop is not open or that the brewing basket is not adequately pressed. When you’re trying to solve the issue, and the coffee bar doesn’t fit, you can also call Ninja to see how it can help.

We want to help you solve your issue by providing some you with some essential tips that might help deal with your ninja coffee maker.

Important facts that you must know about Ninja Coffee Maker

Ninja products come up with a substantial price tag, and the product expectancy also arises with the promises that it makes to its customers. They have many success stories to share with their customers because they live up to the hype, but Ninja Coffee makers have not gained that much popularity. Do you know why? It is said that they do not last too long as their owners expect.

It has been said that an average Ninja Coffee Maker lasts only for less than a year. Users have to face many problems such as issues with the water reservoir and brewing cycle, etc. However, maintenance always remains the key factor that assists in increasing the lifespan of any product. Therefore, you can also increase this machine’s lifespan by cleaning it regularly or replacing the parts that do not work accurately.

It is indeed true that different people take care of their machines differently. So now, it entirely depends upon how often you clean and handles your machine. If you’re a real coffee freak, then you would not let it die. But, even after taking so much care, you might have to face some of the problems. Could you continue reading to know more about it?

Why do you get to hear your Ninja Coffee Bar’s 5-time beeps?

It is one of the most common issues faced by users today. They have a complaint that their Ninja Coffee bar beeps five times, which makes them quite skeptical if it’s working right or not. Of course, it would be a matter of concern if your machine just continues to beep instead of brewing hot coffee. There might be days when it beeps, and your coffee is made before it completes its 5th beep. In such a situation, you need to check your filter mechanism and see if it’s pushed in well, and the ‘drip-stop’ is open or not.

The beep does not always mean that your Ninja Coffee Bar is out of order. It often signifies that you have to alter and adjust some of your brew settings. If your coffee maker beeps mid-brew or doesn’t brew at all, you can check by running two clean cycles and giving a check to the water valve. It is essential to make sure that it is not plugged.

If you feel like your Ninja Coffee Maker needs more attention because of its serious issues, you should immediately contact its manufacturers or sellers and ask for an immediate replacement.

Beeping Sound issues in other machines

There are many coffee makers apart from Ninja Coffee Machines that have to face this same issue. However, their reasons and causes might be different. For instance, if we take an example of a VBM Junior Espresso Machine, then you might face this same issue in this machine too. Whenever you hear a beep sound from your Vibiemme machine, you need to check the water tank. It is possible that the beeping is due to the lack of water in the tank. However, it would be best to make sure that the pressure plate is correct as for this machine.

It is a common feature in these models and alerts the users whenever the tank is low. However, this alert helps the users protect their espresso machines from a boiler that lacks water, and in return, it destroys the heating element.

If in case the water reservoir is full and sits appropriately, then the switch that lies under the water tank platform may have water on the tanks and may be faulty. It may also be due to the wiring on the switch or bad brain unit.

Following are some of the ways that might help you in dealing with a Beeping Coffee Bar:

Dealing with a Beeping Coffee Bar

  1. Hear out five beeps, and they might suggest something.

You need to listen to the first five beeps because you never if they suggest any adjustment that has to be made in your machine. Most of the time, you are unaware of why your machine is beeping unnecessarily. Usually, it’s a sign from the coffee bar that continues to remind its user that some of its settings are not accurately installed. Mostly, it means that the brew basket, drip-stop, or water reservoir should be fixed before the machine starts working again. Hence, in any such case, the ninja coffee bar will beep five times to be set.

  1. Push in the brew basket to keep it safe in the coffee maker

It is also one of the most common reasons that your machine might be beeping continuously. Therefore, you need to push the basket as far as it goes into the coffee machine, which will signal that it is now installed correctly. It is the brew basket where you put your coffee grounds. When it is placed accurately inside, then the edges will eventually flush against the machine.

  1. Dispense the coffee by opening the drip stop

When you hear your machine beeping, it might be a sign that your drip is closed and hence, makes it impossible for your coffee to come out. The drip stop usually is situated right under the brew basket. You need to open your drip-stop quite broad by switching it sideways to check if the beeping has stopped and whether the coffee can be now brewed or not.

  1. Keep to serious check on the water reservoir.

You need to check if the water reservoir regularly to see if it is full and locked into place or not. You never know that your machine might be in need of water to brew coffee. Hence you end up hearing the beeping sounds. You should fill the reservoir with water till the fill line and then push it in its place to check if the beeping stops or not. Try not to go beyond the fill line because it may cause several other issues in your machine.

Contact Ninja if your machine still doesn’t get under control.

Follow the steps mentioned above and see if they work well for you or not. If no, then you need to get professional assistance by contact Ninja at -877-646-5288. You can also read the instruction manual given out by the Ninja coffee bar to all its users on the internet.

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